Wilfried ALLYN

From generation to generation

Practically born in a glassblowing workshop, fascinated and passionate from the start by this material, the stage was set, even if he did some university scientific studies.

Formed internally but still learning over the 20 years after he started, even today he is focused in (re) inventing creations and technics for new items for his clients and his own design collection available at www.verre-et-design.com.
Passionate, perfectionist, contemporary are the most pertinent words to describe him.


13 septembre 2016


12 septembre 2016


12 septembre 2016


10 septembre 2016

The creation

Wilfried Allyn's creations   Others designers

At the workshop, we conceptualise and create pieces that come from our customer’s creativity, either directly or via certain designers, some of who are prestigiously recognised.
Recently, we have started our own collection, Wilfried Allyn Design that you can actually find on our online shop at the following website www.verre-et-design.com. Or at a selection of our expanding retailers.

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The workshop

A passionate team

Nivyne is a glassblowing workshop using flameworking technics (that means we use torches) located in Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, in Les Pays de la Loire, in France.

We are able to create single items to amazing series. The glass is called Borosilicate glass, which is a high quality glass, gorgeous for its whitegleam and perfect transparency. It is technically appreciated for its solidity and capacity for flameworking.

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A rare crafts

The Know-how and expertise of the workshop is currently due to 2 working generations of glassblowers that has become very rare in France nowadays. It is also due to the passion of the glass experience and the seriousness of our employees who have followed us all along these years.
Our customers are mostly part of the French luxury sector and recognised worldwide, are satisfied about our seriousness, production quality and our responsiveness.

The news of Nivyne

Find our creations at : www.verre-et-design.com

Our eshop is available at : https://www.verre-et-design.com

Tv Vendée

The Vendée TV team came to a small report in the workshop during days of Crafts

La Maison France 5

Nivyne will be on the French design TV show, La Maison France 5, on May, 18th.

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21 Rue des couvreurs
85800 saint gilles croix de vie

Phone : (+33)2 28 11 22 38


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